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Board Game


  • Develops spatial thinking,
  • Enhances planning and organization,
  • It helps in assessing the situation,
  • It shapes critical thinking,
  • Develops memory and concentration,
  • Improves motor coordination.

About the game

  • Age: 7+
  • Players: 2
  • Time: 20-30 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy, medium
  • Cards for game: online, printable
  • Authors: Artur J. i Anetta G. Heller

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We accept individual orders in our online store 24/7. To complete a wholesale order, please contact us.

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Original strategic board game BETWEEN. It improves memory. Intended for two players. Your task is to place your pieces in such a way that the opponent’s pieces will be in between your players. Each time you succeed, you awaken your opponent’s respect. The game helps in making decisions and planning. Each move is determined by a roll of 2 dice in the X and Y axes. You decide how to move the piece to pin the opponent. You set the strategy, block the opponent, earn points. Awaken a strong strategist. We sincerely recommend it!




The game can be individually designed and personalized. The game, board, additional online cards and add-ons to the game are prepared in English and Polish, or on request only in one selected language. We process small wholesale orders (from 50 to 500 items) and large (over 500 items). Contact us to learn more.

  • The game ordered on a drawstring bag or waterproof pad
    is available with the JUMPEROS game.
  • A game ordered on a t-shirt
    is available with any combination an additionally selected game.
Game manual


“It’s been a long time since we had such a good time playing board game. Such a serious strategy! The game is nice. It turned out that making decisions is not always so easy. A great deal with dedicated cards and the fact that we could create our own cards. We recommend it to everyone who likes strategic games. We’re waiting for more.”

Ania and Patryk J.

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