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Board Game


  • Lets think spatially,
  • Supports logical thinking,
  • Teaches spatial orientation,
  • Develops creativity and creativity,
  • It encourages you to create your own labyrinths,
  • It improves motor skills.

About the game

  • Age: 7+
  • Players: 2-6
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy, medium
  • Card for game: online, printable
  • Game templates: yes

Order the game

Currently, the game is available only for business partners and online stores. We process small wholesale orders (from 25 to 200 items) and large (over 200 items).

To complete a wholesale order or to get more detailed information about the game, please contact us.


Board game LABYRINTH. The maze itself has been known since ancient times. A curving string of corridors, hidden rooms. Action full of secrets. You earn elements on the board that you put on specially designed templates. The goal of the game is to find a way in the maze and go from point A to point B. Thanks to a dedicated set of cards, surprises await you on the way. Full turns action. It triggers the secretive layers of the imagination. Interesting and unique. The ability to create your own templates and cards makes you even more eager to play. We recommend!

Authors: Artur J. i Anetta G. Heller.

The game can be individually designed and personalized. The game, board, additional online cards and add-ons to the game are prepared in English and Polish, or on request only in one selected language.

The game can be personalized and printed on three different materials to choose from:

  • drawstring bag
  • waterproof pad
  • t-shirt

Each of these materials allows us to print two surfaces: front and back. Thus, during the design of the project, you can add any additional board game from our collection or place your own design on one of the selected surface.

Game manual


“Short and to the point. Thank you for preparing the whole project. I play with my friends. We create our own game templates and we have our own card sets. Cool idea. Fantastic game. We spent so much time with friend by playing this game. I am waiting for next editions of games. I was intrigued by THE DOOR – one of your upcoming games.”

Marek S.

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