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Board Game


  • Strategic elements dominate,
  • Ability to make decisions,
  • Teaches spatial orientation,
  • Develops memory,
  • Strengthens the ability to concentrate,
  • Increases patience and perseverance.

About the game

  • Age: 7+
  • Players: 2-6
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy, medium
  • Card for game: online, printable
  • Authors: Artur J. i Anetta G. Heller

Order the game

Currently, the game is available only for business partners and online stores. We process small wholesale orders (from 25 to 200 items) and large (over 200 items).

To complete a wholesale order or to get more detailed information about the game, please contact us.


Board game RIGHT DIRECTION. The rules of the game make the game very cool, although there are elements of strategic thinking when you decide which way to move your player and which field will be appropriate to make the next move. You move in all possible directions encountering all kinds of obstacles. If you play a solo game, pick up the points and get as quickly as possible to the end of the board. If you play as a team, the right decision will result in whether your team completes the game first or whether it will be another defeat. The game enriched with a dedicated set of cards becomes even more unpredictable. It’s time to play!

The game can be individually designed and personalized. The game, board, additional online cards and add-ons to the game are prepared in English and Polish, or on request only in one selected language.

The game can be personalized and printed on three different materials to choose from:

  • drawstring bag
  • waterproof pad
  • t-shirt

Each of these materials allows us to print two surfaces: front and back. Thus, during the design of the project, you can add any additional board game from our collection or place your own design on one of the selected surface.

Game manual


“Thanks for the opportunity to test this game. I really liked the board you put on the t-shirt. I even managed to wear it twice and walk around in it. It’s impressive. My friends immediately asked, where did you get this cool t-shirt? Well, I got a game. It was a little ridiculous, like between men, until I played with my younger friends. They really liked the idea of the game. Now they are asking me if I still have this game, because it was fun to play together lately. Even girls who joined us, of course, joined us. Haha … it was like that. I’m trying to order my own personalized game, I already have some ideas for graphics to the board. Greetings.”

Norbert P.

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