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Board Game


  • Simple and fast game,
  • Creates neural connections,
  • Improves perception and memory,
  • Strengthens concentration,
  • Teaches quick thinking
  • Improves motor skills.

About the game

  • Age: 5+
  • Players: 2-8
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Card for game: online, printable
  • Authors: Artur J. i Anetta G. Heller

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We accept individual orders in our online store 24/7. To complete a wholesale order, please contact us.

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Creative board game YOU MOVE. Thanks to the simple rules of the game it is very pleasant. You move in the direction indicated by encountering various obstacles on the board. The game enriched with a dedicated set of cards becomes more interesting. You can create your own sets of cards for it, which brings a lot of variety to the game. The winner is the one who first reaches the finish line or collects the most points. Great fun for everyone. We recommend especially to the youngest players!




The game can be individually designed and personalized. The game, board, additional online cards and add-ons to the game are prepared in English and Polish, or on request only in one selected language. We process small wholesale orders (from 50 to 500 items) and large (over 500 items). Contact us to learn more.

  • The game ordered on a drawstring bag or waterproof pad
    is available with the DOTS & LINES game.
  • A game ordered on a t-shirt
    is available with any combination an additionally selected game.
Game manual


“I have never came across such a great idea. Congratulations. I honestly admit that I did not expect my child to react so positively to this game. It was a gift, I wasn’t sure if it was a good choice. But now I know it was worth it. Zosia does not part with the game normally! Literally! She carries it in her backpack and wherever we go for a walk she takes the game with her. She easily makes new friends and has always someone to play with . Thank you for the quick implementation of the project. Recently, Zosia and I have even made our own set of cards. A really nice idea with this card creation. “

Mother of Kasia and Zosia L.

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