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Thousands of bilingual and universal online cards for board and card games. Wizards to create your own sets of game cards with the ability to print on any printer. Puzzles. Game templates. Printed game boards.


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Online cards

We have added the function of using online cards during each game to all our board games. The card symbol is on all of our board games. It is easy to recognize and remember. Before or during the game, players decide which cards to use. The cards are divided thematically into several main groups. We currently have 4428 available online cards divided into thematic groups. Card sets are available in two language versions: English and Polish. All cards are regularly updated. We add new card sets every month. Cards contain texts, graphics and sounds, they are multimedia, which means that each of our board games takes on a completely different dimension. Each game can be even more interesting. Some card sets are available only with subscription.

Add-on type: online


Online card creator

In addition to thousands of online playing cards, we’ve designed a tool to create your own playing cards. A maximum of 44 cards are created in one deck. Each card can contain any entered text. The set is saved on A4 sheets ready for printing on any printer. Using a special code, you can share created cards with other users. In this way, other players, families, friends who have an account with us, who will receive a special code, can unlock additional sets of cards for themselves. Add-on available in a subscription.

Add-on type: online + printable

Digital dice

Sometimes, it may happen that you are on vacation or traveling. You have with you our favorite board games (or other) in which you need dice to play. As you know from practice, traditional dice can easily get lost, left or simply you forget to take them. That is why we have prepared two sets of digital dice, which are easily accessible and, most importantly, they will never get lost. The first set is available with playing cards. For your convenience, using cards, at the same time you can use dice on one screen. The second set completely as a separate game tool with the ability to edit your own dice. Editing allows you to add and create dice with your own graphic elements. So you can create very individual dice. Editing them is only available in subscription. Log in and play online.

Add-on type: online


Game templates

Some of our board games use additional templates during the game. This is a rather interesting method that makes the game more interesting. Board games are designed to give the player greater opportunities to develop their own game templates. Our games differ from other publishers in that they have great opportunities to expand and give the player a chance to develop own rules of the game. Templates can easily be printed on any printer. They are prepared on A4 size sheets in PDF format. Ready templates can be downloaded from our website. Some templates are available in the subscription.

Add-on type: printable

Solve the riddle

We’ve created an interesting online puzzle solving tool (similar to the digital escape room). You travel in time, visit strange places, meet otherworldly beings, visit underground laboratories. You visit abandoned places, make contacts with strangers. You look for clues, solve puzzles, get rewards. Currently in the testing phase, because we are in the process of preparing many puzzles… The puzzles contain text descriptions, graphics, pictures, sound, materials to print. The add-on is only available with a subscription.

Add-on type: online + printable



A great logical puzzle called Shikaku (also known as “Divide by Squares” or “Divide by Box“). This is a rectangular diagram. The rules are simple. You have to divide the grid into rectangular and square fields so that each of them contains exactly one digit, which at the same time defines the surface of this field. Great fun for everyone. You can choose from three board sizes 5×5, 7×7, 10×10 and three levels of difficulty: easy, medium and hard. The boards are created in PDF format and fit on an A4 sheet. You can print the game boards on any printer. Unlimited Shikaku creation. Great fun for everyone. Log in, create, save, print and solve the puzzle.

Add-on type: printable


A cool logic puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions. Numbers from 1 to 8 are the bridges. The goal is to connect all of the islands into a single connected group by drawing a series of bridges between the islands. The bridges must follow certain criteria: They must begin and end at distinct islands, travelling a straight line in between; They must not cross any other bridges or islands; They may only run orthogonally; At most two bridges connect a pair of islands; and The number of bridges connected to each island must match the number on that island. You will find the solution on the right. Unlimited possibility to create Hashi in PDF ready for printing. Log in, create, save, print and solve the puzzle.

Add-on type: printable


Maze generator

A tool for creating ready-made mazes. The rule is very simple, you have to enter and exit the maze. The corresponding arrows randomly placed in different places indicate the entrance and exit of the maze. You just have to find the right path. Great fun for everyone. You can choose from four sizes 30 × 10, 30 × 20, 30 × 30 and a large 30 × 50. The maze is created in PDF format and fits on an A4 sheet. You can print the maze on any printer. Unlimited maze creation. Log in, create, save, print and go through the maze.

Add-on type: printable


One of the most popular logic puzzles. In the square diagram some boxes already contain numbers; there may be “<” and “>” between the boxes that show the relationship between adjacent numbers. Depending on the level of difficulty, we have 7×7 square boxes (enter numbers from 1 to 7), 5×5 (numbers from 1 to 5) and 4×4 (numbers from 1 to 4). Fill in the empty boxes, while keeping in mind that each number can appear in a row or column exactly once. There is a hint on the right. On the right hand side there is a hint. Unlimited possibility to create FUTOSHIKI in PDF ready for printing. Log in, create, save, print and solve the puzzle.

Add-on type: printable



SUDOKU is one of the most popular logic games of all time. The rules of the game are extremely simple. Your task is to fill all cells of the board with numbers. In each row and each column a given number may appear only once. When creating, you choose one of the available levels of difficulty: easy, medium, difficult or expert and the size of the board 2 × 2 or 3 × 3. Sudoku is created in PDF format and fits on an A4 sheet. You can print it on any printer. Unlimited ability to create Sudoku combinations. Log in, create, save, print and solve the puzzle.

Add-on type: printable

Missing letters

Simple but addictive fun for everyone. You must enter the missing letters in the empty boxes to guess the word, sentence, password or slogan. When creating the game you need to choose the appropriate level of difficulty: easy, medium, difficult, expert or mix. A sheet of A4 paper is generated, which must be printed on any printer. There are also hints to help you guess passwords. Log in, create, save, print and solve the puzzle.

Add-on type: printable


Icon generator

We have prepared a tool containing several hundred icons that present different objects or activities that we encounter every day. On the screen, you draw any sets of icons from 1 to 8. From the icons drawn at random, you create and tell short stories. Icons can also be combined together if they have something in common. A tool to develop imagination, it helps building vocabulary. Ideally suited to use in learning a foreign language. In games and templates you will find several of our suggestions using the icon generator in practice. Interesting and simple educational tool. Log in and use the generator online without limits.

Add-on type: online

Word generator

This tool allows you to display from 1 to 8 randomly selected words from our database. We currently have over 5,000 commonly used words. With this generator you can play various word games. An interesting idea is, for example, a game in which, using random words, you try to create and tell a short story. Another suggestion is to combine randomly drawn words into pairs in such a way that they have something in common. Quick associations and ingenuity will be useful. Log in and use the generator online without limits.

Add-on type: online


Letter generator

A tool for building words from the letter scatter. Well develops creativity, speed of thinking and association. Helpful in learning, works perfectly when traveling. We encourage you to use it in your free time. Using letters, you can create various interesting word games. Generate letters, invent words, combine words, create new names for different subjects. You can find game suggestions in our gaming tools. Log in and use the online letter generator without limits.

Add-on type: online

Traditional games

We have also prepared for you popular, traditional paper games such as: ships, words search, car races, guess the combination, football, countries and cities. Templates for all games on paper are available in PDF format and fit on an A4 sheet, so you can easily print them on any printer. Perfect games for every day. Log in, print and play.

Add-on type: printable


Think & tell

A fast and simple game that involves matching randomly selected words and icons. These are some interesting and fast games using words and pictures. Run your imagination. Game 1: Tell a short story using all of the above words. Game 2: Which of the above words are related or have something in common, and why? Game 3: What do you think of the above words are most often pronounced by you and in what circumstances? Game 4: Pictures are on the right. Try to make a short story out of them. Game 5: Connect the pictures on the right side with each other on the basis of associations and check if they match. Game 6: Try to match the pictures on the right with the words on the left. Can they be combined? Log in, create, save, print and solve the puzzle.

Add-on type: printable

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