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Online games

Simple and interesting online games. Short Story Creator. Guess the riddle – digital escape room. Letters and words creator. Fast and simple games that can be used as teaching materials. Learning through gaming.


Online games
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Creator of your own game cards
with the possibility of printing


Online card access
and game add-ons


Templates and add-ons
for board games


Own Card Creator

In addition to thousands of online playing cards, we’ve designed a tool to create your own playing cards. A maximum of 40 cards are created in one deck. Each card can contain any entered text. The set is saved on A4 sheets ready for printing on any printer. Using a special code, you can share created cards with other users. In this way, other players, families, friends who have an account with us, who will receive a special code, can unlock additional sets of cards for themselves.

Game type: online + printable

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Digital Dice

We have prepared for you two sets of digital dice (available as subscription). The first set is available with playing cards. The second set completely as a separate game tool with the ability to edit your own dice.

Game type: online

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Short Story Creator

Several hundred prepared icons that depict various items or activities. On the screen, you draw any sets of icons. You make a short story out of them. A tool to develop imagination, it helps in praising. Ideally suited for use in learning a foreign language.

Game type: online

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Letter Creator

A tool for building words from the word spelling. Well develops creativity, speed of thinking. Helpful in learning, works perfectly when traveling. We encourage you to use it in your free time. Several variants of the game.

Game type: online

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Word Creator

This tool allows you to display from 1 to 8 randomly selected words from our database. Currently over 5,000 words. Several variants of games using this tool. Create countless stories from random words.

Game type: online

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Solve the riddle

Our innovative tool for solving riddles (Escape Room). You travel in time, visit strange places, meet otherworldly beings, visit underground laboratories. You visit abandoned places. You make contacts with strangers. You look for clues, solve puzzles, get rewards. Currently under testing. In the meantime, we prepare many riddles…

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