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Game personalization

Personalized games are many unique and creative projects. The idea of printing boards on a drawstring bag, pad or T-shirt allows us to create great and modern designs. Expanding your games with additional online cards gives you many new possibilities. We use interesting ideas and solutions. We invite you to cooperate in creating personalized games. We guarantee high quality of services and products.


  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Marketing that stands out
  • Dedicated advertising tools
  • Pro-family product
  • Short delivery time

We personalize

  • Board games
  • Card games
  • Dice games
  • Online cards
  • Printable games

of games

  • Educational
  • Strategic
  • Logic
  • Random
  • Quiz

What is a personalization?

We live in a time where commerce slowly becomes burdensome in everyday life. Society has entered the stage of personalized products, i.e. custom-made, even unique, tailor-made products. Our products are board and card games that are perfect for personalization for individuals and companies. Personalization is about choosing the right game from the already available 19+ games and adapting it to the client’s needs. Adaptation involves the preparation of appropriately different elements used in the game: case, box, board, pieces, dice, cards, instructions. We choose the right colors and take care of the entire graphic design. We are also preparing a special, dedicated online page where we place all possible add-ons to the game and tools supporting the game. The customer is given the option to edit this page, and all game users have access to it. With personalization, we also help in the preparation of playing cards, which are the most important part of the game.

All our games contain simple rules that are easy to remember, making each game very friendly and fun. This is quite an important aspect as many customers are looking for this type of game. Time is also important when choosing such personalization. Therefore, we have developed the games in a way that allows for quick order processing. Within a few days, we are able to present the entire project and send it to implementation. We prepare advertising materials for the game. We take care of details and our clients. We are proud of our products.

of board game

The first step to a personalization of a board game is a conversation with the client, during which we learn about the target group of users and the concept and message of the game. Games can have different scenarios. The next step in personalization of the board game is to choose the board itself and the material on which it will be placed. We mainly specialize in preparing games on waterproof material pads, on drawstring bags and on traditional cotton t-shirts. We place great emphasis on the usability and functionality of our products. Currently, we have 19+ board games available, which we are able to adapt and personalize according to the client’s needs. The board can be single-colored or multi-colored. We can use virtually any photo as a base on which the remaining graphic elements will be placed, including: fields for movement, logos, quotes, slogans, descriptions, website address or icons. When designing such a board, it should be taken into account that not all elements may fit together. Therefore, our team will select them appropriately so that the whole thing interacts with each other. All personalized board games are based on a non-exclusive license to use the work(s) under the terms specified individually in the contract.


of card game

Personalization of card games is done in a similar way to board games. At the beginning, we choose one of the 4+ available games. We conduct an initial conversation with the client, asking for guidelines for what purpose the game will be used and who is the target audience. After collecting the relevant information, we help in choosing the game and work on its adaptation. We are working on the artwork, instructions for the game, we design a box, an additional case. There aren’t as many elements in card games as there are in board games, so personalization is a bit faster. For each card game, we can prepare a special set of online cards to extend the game. This is possible thanks to our proprietary online platform where we prepare any card game add-ons that can be used in the game. Additions to a card game can also include traditional dice and boards on which cards are placed. We also offer such versions. Then we present the client with a preliminary design. After approval, we proceed to its implementation. We strive to ensure that each order is carried out quickly. We know how valuable time is. All personalized card games are based on a non-exclusive license to use the work(s) under the terms specified individually in the contract.

of online cards

Online cards are a kind of extension for board and card games. Our online platform offers many opportunities to create such add-ons. That’s why we used it in all our games. Online cards can contain multimedia materials, ranging from descriptive texts through sounds, and ending with short movies. In some projects, it is a considerable challenge that requires additional work related to the preparation of such materials by our partners or client’s partners. But the end result gives amazing advertising and marketing opportunities. And most of all, the satisfaction of the end user, who will enjoy the game. We believe that there is nothing better than great and surprising game additions and extensions. The only limit here is our imagination. When creating such a platform, we had in mind customers and users who like modern and interesting solutions. Thanks to this solution, the client is able to build a relationship with players on a lasting basis. The number of solutions in our game diagram is huge. We are constantly working on its functionality.


A dedicated page
for the customer

Each customer who orders a personalized game from us receives a dedicated online page as part of the package. The site has a manual for the game, online cards to extend the game. The customer has access to this site as an administrator and can manage it by introducing new multimedia online card sets containing graphics, text, audio or video. The website may contain materials for advertising or marketing customer products or services. This website also performs an advertising and marketing function. On the other hand, the target user receives a very interesting tool with rich resources including games, add-ons to games. We offer a lot of tools that can be implemented on this dedicated website. A detailed description of these tools can be found on our game add-ons page. For an example of dedicated page, click here.

Perfect marketing

Our offer of personalized board and card games is one of the most interesting advertising and marketing offers. Many business owners are looking for new and unique forms of promoting their own business, combined with building a strong brand position and the trust of their customers. There are many products on the market today, but board and card games are among the products most often used in marketing campaigns. Many companies choose such products. The competition on the market is quite big, each company has something to offer. However, we are different from others and focus on something more. We not only care about sales, but mainly build long-term customer-user relationships. Our products and solutions allow us to achieve this goal. Ease of use of games, quality of workmanship, dedicated game tools and fast implementation time are our most important and strong advantages. We focus on simple solutions that provide many emotions and positive impressions. We invite you to cooperation.


We make personalized games
on request

Thanks to the universality of our board and card games, we implement interesting and personalized projects for businesses and individuals.
We work with educational institutions, advertising agencies and online stores.
We offer interesting games for organizers of school and summer camps, theme camps and many other tours.