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Personalized board games

Personalized board games are many unique and creative possibilities. The idea of printing a board game on a shirt that we created allows us to create great, modern designs. We use our own ideas and solutions to create them. We invite you to cooperate in creating dedicated games. We guarantee high quality.

We live in an era where commercialism slowly becomes burdensome in everyday life, we all watch the same movies, read the same books, buy the same products, we have the same applications on phones. Some things just get boring. No individual projects. That’s why we designed and released our T-shirt games, which are primarily very creative, different from other games available on the market. We can offer you some interesting board games that we print on T-shirts. The idea is quite innovative and very practical. In addition to games, we offer access to thousands of online cards, which are a great addition to games. The versatility of cards is that they also fit into many traditional card boards using cards that you already have in your collection. We focus on the uniqueness of projects. Each game can be different and unique. Our board games also work as phenomenal gifts, because each of us loves to get extraordinary gifts. Below you will find information on how to personalise games and cards.


Design of game board

One of the first elements that occurs when personalizing a board game is to choose the board. Currently, we have 17+ board games that we can use to personalize the game for you. The next step will be a decision related to the colors that will apply on the board. It should be remembered here that the overprint on T-shirts also has its limitations. The board can be single-colored or multi-colored. We can try here to use the photo as a base for the board. It will be very important to arrange graphic elements such as the logo, name, your favorite quotes, or icons that will additionally appear on the board. We will discuss them carefully and choose for you. We personally like personalized everyday objects, including board games.

Preparation of the
Content and Cards

The next element of personalization will be the content, instructions and playing cards. Each personalized game can have its own scenario, or just part of the ready-made elements from our existing games, which are equally interesting and engaging. During personalization, we can also create a card printing template for you. This template shows the upper part of the card, which can be your graphic, logotype, text content, etc., which you need to print. Then on our website you create your own individual cards, which you later print on the previously prepared template. And all this is done using a home printer. Sometimes we are in places where the internet does not reach, hence the personalized cards are very useful, for example during trips, parties…


Personalized games
are the perfect gift

Each of us from time to time is looking for products that will be the perfect gift for a birthday, for a family or friends. This is why the personalized board games are the perfect gift. These are very unique gifts that will not be found in the store. You need to work on them a bit, which already makes them very special, and yet it is about this, so that the gift is very special. Know that you can count on us in this topic. We will prepare a great board for you that will work in many situations. Remember, however, that the time to prepare a gift is not 24 hours, so if you have a decision on your part, contact us sooner so that we can carefully prepare everything for you.

form of promotion

Each of the business owners, concert organizers, owners of coffee shops, tea rooms, and game stores are looking for interesting ways to promote their own business. There are many products available on the market, but board games are a totally unique element that can be used for any type of promotion. Ideally suited for large format events, where the average number of participants is 100+. It works great in rental board games, or in places where you can just play board games. We can design board games for you, including information about your company, graphic designs, specially selected sets of digital cards, and even 3D game pieces. The offer is quite wide and interesting. We invite you to cooperate with us.


Interesting and very educational

One of the best board games for families and friends. Spectacular online cards with endless possibilities. Lots of fun and more...

Sarah Johnson, US

Great time, lots of laughs

I bought this as a gift for my girls after we went to a cafe that had games to play. We had a great time, lots of laughs and it was fun.

Robert Jackson, NZ