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Custom Board Game

$ 224.00

Dedicated board game is available on the basis of our available games. Select the board game, the color of the shirt, size and quantity from the list. After the purchase, we will contact you to discuss the dedicated elements and changes on the board.

You get book versions of playing cards for every order. This is our innovative method. Each booklet consists of 72 dedicated cards and an additional 72 bonus cards. At the start, you receive 144 cards + a gift from us. In addition, we give you the activation code for 160-days ADVANCED access to cards and online game tools (value 72 EUR). We currently have up to 1840 cards online. In addition to the game is a dedicated set of dice for the game. Each game board is printed on very good quality ADLER t-shirts. The photos of the product are for illustrative purposes and may be slightly different from the original. The waiting time for the order is from 14 to 21 business days. All games are sent by priority mail Polish Post.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want your board to be personalized, fill in the following two additional boxes – who will the game belong to and your favorite slogan or quote. Only with us you can order such personalization of the board.

Download PDF t-shirt size chart.

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