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Affiliate program

Join our affiliate program. Work remotely from home and earn money.

What is the Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is a direct collaboration of the partner with the website. It is mainly work from home, which in today’s circumstances is an ideal solution for additional earnings. The partner’s task is to promote and sell products and services offered by the website. In this case, these are board games, card games, game add-ons and subscriptions. The partner has access to ready-made tools enabling promotion and sales. Thanks to the affiliate program and the affiliate’s activities, the affiliate receives a fixed payment in the form of a commission on each sale of a product or service.

The partner’s job is to manage his own dedicated website, which is integrated with his account. This website is a ready-made tool that facilitates advertising products and services. In their activities, the partners also use their own blogs, websites and video channels, which increases interest and leads to more sales.

The partner’s obligation is also to settle accounts with the appropriate tax office. The partner receives remuneration, which must be settled in accordance with the relevant regulations regarding the partner’s place of residence. Each country has different methods of accounting and tax law. It is the partner’s responsibility to follow these rules and applicable laws. Billing is generally accepted as additional income. The partner is obliged to issue us an invoice for the amount he will receive from the affiliate program each month.

Partner’s page sample:

How does our affiliate program work?

The affiliate program is integrated with the business partner’s account, which gives you easy overview and monitoring of sales. It is very simple and user friendly, thanks to which the operation is not difficult. Each account has a unique link created, thanks to which the system recognizes the partner. If someone enters the website using such a link or through a dedicated page with information about products and services, the system knows that it is a partner and charges a commission for each sale.

What are the commissions in our affiliate program?

20% commission is charged for each sold product or service. So having ready advertising materials in the form of, among others dedicated page, a partner is able to generate a large commission if, thanks to his creativity, he will generate a lot of interest in products and services, which will create more sales. The commission is paid for the last 30 days, until the 7th of each month. We arrange detailed information with partners individually.

However, the largest commission from 25% to 35% is for selling the product and service in the B2B system. These are individual projects prepared to order, mainly for companies, shops, advertising agencies and businesses. Then the commission is determined as a percentage of the order placed and it is not small as in the case of retail sales. We are happy to share our profits with partners. We take care of our partners and respect our mutual work.

How can you join our affiliate program

An individual or a company can join the program. It is required to register a partner’s account on the website: Select the BUSINESS PARTNER option and press the OPEN ACCOUNT button. An email with an activation link is sent. After activation, log in to your account. Then, a special code is generated assigned to the account, thanks to which the system recognizes each business partner individually. This code allows you to add a commission on each sale. It is also connected to a dedicated website managed by the partner.

What languages ​​is the affiliate program available in?

The affiliate program is available in English and Polish. As well as all marketing materials on the website prepared for partners.

What marketing materials do we make available to promote and sell?

Each of the business partners receives a dedicated page: prepared by us, where they can place their own advertising banners and information about individual products and services. On the website, each partner has at his disposal a section of ready-made banners with links directly to products and services. This page can also be password protected if needed, which is useful in various types of marketing campaigns where customers use passwords to unlock the page content. Each dedicated page has a unique URL created by the business partner. You can set it according to your needs, changing the colors and arrangement of individual elements on the page. The page layout is modular, which allows you to turn individual page elements on or off. We arrange the display of modules for board and card games individually with a partner. Editing a dedicated page itself is very simple and transparent.

Additionally, we provide all kinds of marketing materials needed for a partner to promote products and services. They are, among others advertising banners, links, graphics, videos. We also create on-demand advertising materials, i.e. on request, depending on the partner’s needs. Some of the ordered materials may be additionally payable, if they require special involvement of our graphic studio.

Are there other ways to earn money on our products?

Yes, by purchasing our products at wholesale prices and selling them yourself through your own retail or online distribution channels. The minimum wholesale order for online stores and business partners, for board games and card games is 25 pieces. When ordering 100 items, each product can be properly personalized and prepared. It is also possible to sell our board and card games under your own brand. Contact us for the current partner wholesale pricing and additional information on selling under the license agreement. Our graphic design studio is at your disposal when personalizing your games. We will advise and help in the implementation of each project. We provide comprehensive services to our partners.

I can’t see the answer to my questions…

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, we are at your disposal. Please contact us by email or phone. We always try reply as soon as possible. We care about relationships and contact with our clients. We also take care of the implementation of orders and keep the deadlines. This is a great asset of family businesses.

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