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What is

Good question. It is a place made by people for people. In a few words…

  • it is a website where you can order creative and personalized board games, card games and dice games.
  • it is a website with online cards designed for our board games.
  • it is a friendly place where you can create your own sets of online game cards..
  • here you will find game templates, online games, printable games and interesting articles, of course, related to games.

We design and publish our own board games. We are a family business that was founded on the basis of our own needs. We are not a corporation! We follow healthy principles of cooperation here. We direct all our energy to people, not objects. We treat each person individually and with respect. Each contact is very important to us. We currently offer over 23+ creative games. We add an innovative online platform to all our games, on which we have placed several thousand ready-made online game cards along with many add-ons and game templates. Some of them are available for free, others are available by subscription. All materials on the website are available in Polish and English.

From which age is it suitable to use 8doodles to play creative board games and use the online site?

Children from 5 years of age, assisted by their parents (legal guardians), can play selected board games. Each game is accurately described including the suggested age of the players. They are free from violence and cruelty. No inappropriate texts. Our games are very positive. When creating games, we place great emphasis not only on the appearance, but also the content of all materials.

The online service may be used by persons aged 16 and over who have registered on our website. We used available technology which makes reasonable efforts to verify the age of the user creating the account. Verification of the age of the user of the website takes place during the registration phase by confirming the age criterion with the form field.

Why are board games printed on drawstring bags?

Because that was the idea of the games. We wanted to do something less traditional, but equally interesting and, above all, practical. The drawstring bags are the perfect material for the boards for our games, which you take with you to school, to the park, on a trip, to extracurricular activities. Easy to transport and waterproof. They have many different uses. Much more resistant than traditional cardboard game boards. They take up little space, you can hang them on a hanger, put them in a backpack, carry various things in them. They are easy to clean, move and take apart. They are great advertising material for your company.

How to take care of the drawstring bag? The details of fabric maintenance are very simple: remove stains and dirt with a soft sponge and a solution of water and soap (temperature 30°C), or mild cleaning agents. Do not clean with aggressive chemicals containing solvents and bleaches. Ironing above 90ºC is not recommended. When ironing, the fabric should be covered with a different fabric so that the iron does not touch the bag directly. Composition: 100% polyester coated with polyurethane on one side. (PU/WD). Weight: 190g / m2.

Why do you also print board games on t-shirts?

Because they are easy to print and personalize. T-shirts and drawstring bags are perfect for boards for our games. They are easy to use and clean. Various board designs from black and white to color can be applied to them. These t-shirts can also be worn regardless of whether someone wants to play the game or not. Of course, it is understandable that if someone puts on a T-shirt and spends the whole day in it, it will not be the best choice to play, because it will not be the freshest, however it is suitable to wear it 🙂 The board on the T-shirt is just our choice of material for the board. Also, as well as drawstring bags, they are ideal for advertising and promotional materials for your company.

How to prepare the t-shirt board game before the first use? It is recommended to wash the t-shirt. In order to use it as long as possible, please follow the steps below:

  • Wash the T-shirt on the inside out at 30ºC (maximum 40ºC);
  • Set the spin speed to no more than 400 rpm;
  • Do not tumble dry;
  • Do not use bleach or chlorine, do not dry clean;
  • Iron the inside of the T-shirt at a maximum temperature of 150°C.

Why do you use an online card for games instead of traditional printed cards on cardboard?

This is our proprietary and innovative solution that gives us unlimited possibilities to expand all our games with rich sets of cards. Most of our creative games only use online cards (instead of traditional ones) when playing. The cards contain texts, graphics, pictures and multimedia elements in the form of mp3 files containing sounds or mp4 files containing video content. For each game, we are able to prepare various sets of cards with the possibility of their expansion. Thanks to this, playing becomes even more interesting, because we do not limit ourselves to the capacity of traditional cards in a box. We are able to edit existing card sets and create new ones at any time. This solution also allows us to create multilingual cards. Currently, most cards are available in English and Polish.

Do I have to pay for online access to cards?

Access to the basic card sets used in our creative games is free. Each player who owns our game can use these sets at any time during any game. Due to the fact that our designed game tools give us many new possibilities, in addition to basic sets of game cards, we also offer access to more extensive sets of universal cards. You need a subscription for this. Universal cards are divided into several thematic sections, which makes them easy to manage. In the subscription, the basic sets of game cards are extended with additional cards that are not included in the basic version.

Each order of a board game in our online store or from our partners automatically comes with a special code that activates access to PREMIUM online cards for a certain number of days (the so-called ADVANCED subscription). Currently, there are 4428 + online cards for various games in our offer. We systematically increase the number of card sets. You always get more with subscription …

Which language are online cards and games available in?

Cards, games and game tools are available in English and Polish. However, for cultural and linguistic reasons, not all cards are translated 1: 1. Some cards are available only in English, and some sets of cards only in Polish.

Can I create my own game cards?

We thought about that as well. The ability to create your own sets of gaming cards is available with individual subscription:

  • BASIC – 6 custom sets of cards
    (40 cards each, i.e. 240 cards),
  • PLUS – 9 custom card sets
    (40 cards each, i.e. 360 cards),
  • ADVANCED – 12 custom sets of cards
    (40 cards each, i.e. 480 cards).

Thanks to this, you can personalize, enrich or extend each game you own. Each of your games becomes even more interesting and addictive. You can surprise other players with your ideas.  Interestingly, each set of cards created by you, thanks to a special code, can be made available to other players who also have a subscription. This code will activate your set of cards on the account of other users with whom you will share this code. Each set of cards has one activation code assigned to it. Surprise others by creating very interesting and sophisticated sets of playing cards.

REMEMBER: If your account is no longer active or you switch to a lower subscription, the custom card sets you created will be deleted. However, each set of cards can be downloaded and saved to your hard drive so that it can be easily restored in case of account deletion. This file is saved in the .TXT text format.

What subscriptions do you offer?

We have 3 subscriptions available, that give you access to our online cards, online games, templates and various game tools.

  • BASIC – login for 1 player with limited access to online cards and limited game add-ons.
    You get the option to create 12 own sets of cards of 40 pieces each, which can also be printed on any printer.
  • PLUS – login for 1 player with access to most online cards and selected game add-ons.
    You get the option to create 24 own sets of cards of 40 pieces each, which can also be printed on any printer.
  • ADVANCED – login for 2 players (at the same time) with access to ALL online card sets and all game add-ons.
    You get the option to create 36 own sets of cards, 40 pieces each, which can also be printed on any printer.

What do I get additionally in subscription?

In addition to access to online cards 24/7, you also get access to a specially prepared section “GAMES AND TEMPLATES”, which includes various additions to our games, printed games, game templates and instructions for all available and described board and dice games and card cards.

We have prepared for you, among others, 12 online tools that can be used independently. In some games they are used during the game with online cards. We update them systematically. We enrich their content. Here they are:

  • ICON GENERATOR to create short stories

What is the personalization of the game board?

The personalization of the board or the whole board game consists of several important elements. Each game can be prepared individually according to your needs. Personalization mainly concerns the appearance of the board itself and the choice of material on which this board will be printed. Currently, we have drawstring bags and traditional t-shirts at our disposal. When ordering just one piece of game, we personalize and print it on t-shirts. From 100 pieces and up, the games are personalized and printed on drawstring bags. Of course, it is possible to order more games on T-shirts and drawstring bags.

Each board may have appropriate graphic elements, photos, logos, website addresses, advertising slogans. We will design and place all the necessary elements on the board according to your instructions. 30 years of experience in graphic design allows us to offer interesting solutions.

All personalized board and card games are based on a non-exclusive license to use the work(s) under the terms specified individually in the contract. You should know that personalized games under a non-exclusive license are much cheaper compared to an exclusive license. Graphic design of an individual and personalized game on request costs from 2000 USD. depending on the complexity of the elements of the entire project.

We design games for individuals, businesses, educational institutions and hotel establishments (including hotels, motels, campsites, campsites). We work with advertising agencies that offer our board games as great advertising gadgets. Personalized board and card games are also a great marketing tool. Therefore, we cordially invite companies and advertising agencies to cooperate.


You can read more about personalization of games and how they are prepared and what additionally we can do for you as part of the project by clicking on the link: Personalization of board and card games. The most interesting offer on the market.

How long does it take to prepare a personalized board game?

If a game is based on 98% of our existing games, it usually takes a few business days to create and customize. Write to us what you need and we will contact you for detailed information on how you want to personalize your boards. Who will the game be aimed at? What materials should it contain? Each project is developed individually, which makes it unique.

Please note that the time limit for personalizing and preparing the game (or several games) may be extended if comprehensive implementation is required based on cooperation with your business partners, including the creation of board games, card games combined with city games, or special digital puzzle rooms (escape rooms).

Due to the fact that the products are personalized and multi-element, an advance payment of 80% of the value of the entire project is collected, another 20% after delivery of the finished product to the customer.

Do you have any interesting promotional and marketing solutions for business owners?

Of course. If you are a business owner, you will find out how to advertise your business in an interesting way through games. You will find out how to cooperate with us and what are the benefits. We offer not only games, we propose a better lifestyle. We have a well-designed system that combines games with online cards and game add-ons. It is an innovative system that allows you to extend and deepen contact with your customers for a long period in a very interesting way.

We work with: advertising agencies, online stores, educational institutions, teachers, parents, hotel establishments and travel agencies, manufacturers and rentals of motorhomes and trailers, cafes and tea rooms + many more… The owner of the website and the manager of the 8doodles website is 360 Media Diversity LLC. A graphic studio with over 30 years of experience in design and DTP.

Do you offer wholesale orders?

Of course. In addition to individual orders, we also deal with wholesale orders that start with as little as 100 pieces. Send an inquiry by e-mail or contact us by phone. We will try to fully answer all your questions and prepare a tailored offer especially for you and your needs.

I can’t see the answer to my questions…

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, we are at your disposal. Please contact us by email or phone. We always try reply as soon as possible. We care about relationships and contact with our clients. We also take care of the implementation of orders and keep the deadlines. This is a great asset of family businesses.

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