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Dedicated board games
for Educational Institutions

Dedicated board games for schools and kindergartens. Enrich your educational offer. An innovative solution for board games printed on T-shirts with access to online game cards. An interesting cooperation offer

for users

  • brain stimulation,
  • developing imagination,
  • creative and strategic thinking,
  • enriching vocabulary,
  • learning cooperation in a group,
  • source of joy and humor.

for the facility

  • friendly facility,
  • educational support,
  • new tools for educators,
  • better integration of students,
  • competitions, workshops, club,
  • digital Escape Room.


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Dedicated board games
for our partners

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product and offer

The offer is addressed to the directors of educational institutions as well as teachers. We have created an innovative product. Dedicated board games printed on T-shirts with access to thousands of online cards and game tools. Game boards do not get damaged like traditional ones, they can be easily cleaned. Our products will allow you to enrich the teaching system through the game. Our unique board games are carefully prepared for the creative stimuli. They help in memorizing, developing motor skills, as well as learning the language.

Learning through play, logical thinking and competition. As it turns out, board games have come to life not only in extra-curricular activities, but have also proved to be a great complement to history lessons, geography, nature or foreign languages. It has been proven that games not only entertain, but also develop the imagination and teach how to make decisions and take responsibility for them. Thus, they develop social and interpersonal skills. Games are a powerful educational tool with access to thousands of online cards. We also offer you the option of creating your own card sets.

How does it work?

Our offer prepared for you consists of two main sets:

  • dedicated board games without subscription,
  • dedicated board games with subscription.

Board games without subscription include playing cards in the form of printed books. This is our innovative form of using in-game cards. However, to use this form, we have included a special set of dice in the set. However, if you want to enrich the offer for your students with access to thousands of cards and gaming tools, the offer of board games with subscription is required.

If you like one of these offers, we go on to discuss the details related to the preparation of board games and cards. After approval of the entire project, the process of its implementation takes place, which lasts about 21 business days. Our team is at your disposal throughout this time.


What is included
in the subscription?

With dedicated board games, you can choose from 6 available subscriptions at any time. Duration of subscription from 1 to 12 months. Thanks to the subscription you receive a dedicated panel for user management. Everyone who wants to use and play a t-shirt board game you can create a temporary account. This account allows to log in to our system and use cards and tools online 24/7. At the same time, 4 to 24 users can be logged in. The whole service is fabulously simple and pleasant. It only takes a few seconds. The subscription includes, among others:

  • 1840 themed playing cards,¬†tools for board games,
  • tools for our board games,
  • templates for board and dice games.
  • digital Escape Room,
  • sets of puzzles to solve.

We care about the quality of all available materials. We’re constantly adding new card sets and tools. You can not get bored with our board games. Nobody has such an extensive offer. We are very proud of our products. Join us today and become our partner.

We welcome you
to cooperate

We are currently working with several educational institutions in various parts of the world. We invite you to cooperation today.


We cordially invite you to cooperation.
We guarantee high quality services and products.

Creative Team
Anetta, Artur


Interesting and very educational

One of the best board games for families and friends. Spectacular online cards with endless possibilities. Lots of fun and more...

Sarah Johnson, US

Great time, lots of laughs

I bought this as a gift for my girls after we went to a cafe that had games to play. We had a great time, lots of laughs and it was fun.

Robert Jackson, NZ