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Card game FEED THE DOODLES 2 – Exploring

Feed the Doodles 2 – Exploring… Expand the game with a second deck of cards with new game features. The product consists of a full deck of 54 + 1 cards. An original strategic and logical card game. On the distant planet Terragoon, there are interesting creatures called DOODLES. They feed on energy balls. Your task is to help the Doodles find them. There are 4 clans on the planet that compete with each other. From each clan, seekers are sent to the farthest reaches, yet undiscovered, corners of the planet, in search of the life-giving energy balls without which Doodles cannot survive. Join the best seekers. Arrange card combinations, earn points for clans.

An interesting fact is that with this game you can also play traditional other card games. Each card contains an appropriate token representing the card symbol: clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. When you also purchase an additional deck, Feed the Doodles 1 – Beginning…, you have two traditional decks of cards in your hand, which gives you many other ways to play the game.

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