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Icon generator for short stories

We know what it is like when traveling starts to get boring, you do not know what to do with yourself, there is no good book to read, the game on the tablet got bored… hmm… just boredom on all sides. That is why we have created a simple tool for you that will make time suddenly start to flow faster and boredom will be forgotten.

This tool is the CREATOR OF SHORT STORIES. You have up to 8 elements that you can display on the screen. Each element is an icon depicting an object or an action. You set how many elements your short story consists of, press the GENERATE A STORY button and various images are displayed underneath.

Now it’s your job to think for a moment to put together a short story. In our database there are already several hundred pictures (we add them all the time). And the fun is just starting up…

Make up and tell short stories as you travel! Team