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Letters creator

We present a LETTER CREATOR, which works great in many different types of simple games. It is also helpful during the games using our T-shirt games. The rule is very simple, just select how many letters should be displayed on the screen. After pressing the SHOW LETTER button below, a randomly chosen set of letters will appear below. You can play in several different ways.

One of them is to try and build a sentence using letters as the first to each word. For example, if we draw M-W-T-D we can build the following sentence: Mark Washed The Dishes.

The next version may consist in collecting letters and trying to put any word out of them. E.g. R-T-P-R-O-A
we can arrange the word , etc. Raptor, Parrot

So this can be fun, but it requires a lot of words from you, you can also create words that are associated with the place where you are staying. If you are driving through the forest, you create words related to the forest etc. Available for PLUS and ADVANCED subscribers.

Many possibilities, great fun! Team