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Our recipe for the preservation of perfect memory

This time we want to share with you the best and the simplest recipe for the perfect memory. Move your mind to the next level and keep it in the best condition. To do this, we recommend using our three simple games every day:

  • 1x Sudoku
  • 1x Futoshiki
  • 1x Labyrinth

It is not time consuming, and the end result is a good mind. These games help in maintaining better concentration in memorizing. They stimulate your gray cells very much. You probably know that the ability to think logically is not just a congenital talent, it’s a matter of constant daily exercise. Today’s devices such as “smartphones” or tablets significantly limit abstract thinking, have built-in, ready-made tools that most of the time think and execute commands for you. Remember that! You have to take care of the memory!

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